Let’s chat about the Microcosmic Orbit. You might be wondering, “What the heck is that?” It’s also known as the “Self Winding Wheel of the Law.” Okay, maybe not much help. Think about it as the circulation of light and energy cultivation. It comes from Taoist Qigong or Taoist yoga Qi.

The Microcosmic Orbit, where sexual energy is circulated in a specific way through the body,  involves deep breathing practices paired with meditation and focus techniques which develop the flow of qi (pronounced “chee”) along certain pathways of energy in our bodies.

It’s at the core of many Taoist forms of exercise that are performed throughout the world by millions, even today.

So why am I telling you about this circulation of light business?

Because it has incredible effects on the entire energy system.

Our bodies are enriched with spiritual anatomy that uses energy to support life and consciousness. Humans, as microcosms of the universe, it’s said that our energetic circulatory system mirrors the same patterns we find in the cosmos. Cool stuff!

As the planets travel around the stars, electrons orbit the nuclei of atoms, which makes bio-electricity, forming the matter that is our bodies. As electric beings, when our wiring is sound and operating efficiently, our energy, health, and well-being improve exponentially.

Moving our Qi
Think about your qi as a rain puddle in the middle of your yard. Like water, qi wants to keep flowing. If the puddle sits, it stagnates and becomes a breeding ground for pests and mold. If we took our umbrella and drug it through the dirt, it would make space for the water to flow into it. The same is true in our bodies. When we relax, we make the necessary space for qi to flow.

How the “orbit” produces circulating energy:

  1. It begins from the Governing Channel which runs from the perineum up to the head
  2. Then onto the Conception Channel which runs from the head back down to the perineum

Taoists believe that practicing microcosmic orbit meditation fills the Governing and Conception channels with energy. Then that energy flows to energize the internal organs.

Sexual energy is our life force, it’s our gift to the world.

Tantric and Taoist teachings believe that sexual energy is the same as life force energy. It’s pure cosmic energy. It is Shakti. It is what created us. It is what creates everything around us. This means it’s a pathway to enhanced health and spirituality.

When people make an intimate connection through sex, the stress hormones decline and serotonin rises—a prime environment for our best health.

“Opening the routes’ means clearing all obstructions that impede the flow of chi energy in their natural paths. Most obstructions take the form of physical, mental, or emotional tension.” ~Mantak Chia

Here’s a simple guide to practicing the microcosmic orbit:

The practice is a self-guided meditation that focuses on the two main routes of qi energy.

Step 1: Turn off distractions and sit alone. Relax your body and mind, and begin to steady your breathing. When your mind is calm, lower your gaze and turn your focus inward. Imagine a pocket of energy around your belly-button, and inside is a glowing bright light. When you feel steady and the energy there is full, use your mind to guide the energy down to your perineum and back up through the opening at the bottom of your tailbones where you meet the floor.

Step 2: Visualize this energy starting at the base of your tailbone and then winding slowly yet effortlessly through the nine openings of your tailbone. When you’re done, imagine the energy moving to where your ribs meet your spine and then up behind your brain.

Step 3: Imagine your spirit in the center of your brain, taking in all the energy. When this energy goes through the back of your brain to the center, press your tongue against your palate. You might notice your head move forward and tilt slightly upwards. When the energy enters the brain center, it may feel hot or swollen. This means the pass has been cleared and the energy has reached the Nirvana Center or center of your mind.

Step 4: Focus on your third eye, the space on your forehead between your eyebrows and move the energy forward from the center of your mind and out through the point between your brows. You may notice some tingling as the third gets read to open up. When you feel it’s open, move the energy into the center of your brows and draw the energy through here.

Step 5: Now, you may want to stay and keep moving this energy for a while before releasing it. When you do let go, you might notice a cool sensation running down your throat. Resist the urge to swallow, and just let it flow. By circulating sexual energy through the heart, sex becomes more profound than just a release. After that, the vital energy will bathe your internal organs and return to your genitals—or “returning to the root.”

Sexual energy can greatly enhance spiritual expression.

Sexual energy is our super fuel. It’s the creative life force found in all of us. It’s our creative life force energy. This life energy can be used within our personal life to empower ourselves and others and to revitalize our mind, body, and soul.

We all can increase our energy, grow our chi, and enjoy the profound healing and life-enhancing effects of this meditation. Practice the Microcosmic Orbit regularly for more energy, ease, and peace in your mind and body.

Sure, we can look at it as a practice to achieve greater sexual prowess or magic. We can also use this practice to take our sexual encounters and turn them into life-enhancing experiences that have the potential to heal the body. The meditation practice will also open up your crown chakra to receive higher information and flow of cosmic energy, and leads to enhanced sexual function and overall life force.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes!

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