Sex Therapy: 6 Little-Known Truths

Sex Therapy: 6 Little-Known Truths

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Sex therapy. 

Just those two little words together can bring up all kinds of emotions or misunderstanding. If sex is a normal and natural part of the human experience, sex therapy can be viewed this way as well. 

Here are 6 truths about sex therapy you may be surprised to know.

  1. It’s more common than you might realize

When most people hear the words “sex” and “therapy” together, they might immediately think of “dirty” or kinky things like domination or fantasies. These are all great too, and most of our clients want help with more fundamental stuff—like how to match up their libido or sexual preference to their partner(s), how to get over feeling self-conscious, and how to actually make the time for sex (or good sex) with the eighty million other things that need to happen every day. 

Figuring out how to make time for and create a sex life worth indulging in is worth it. Whether clients are experiencing pain or a sexual dysfunction, or are exploring how to change things up so sex is exciting again—know that sex is an important part of living a healthy fulfilling life and it should be explored to its fullest.

  1. It’s all about solving sexual issues

Let’s be honest – none of us receive an education in the art of passionate, fulfilling sex lives and relationships. Sex therapy is a highly specialized and confidential form of treatment for anyone seeking fulfillment in their sexual lives. Through the use of accurate sexuality education, specific exercises or ‘homework,’ and interventions tailored to address each client’s concerns, sex therapy can enhance the ways you love and experience pleasure. In therapy, we cover topics beyond sex; sometimes we explore other things in a person’s life that may be negatively impacting their sex life. No topic is off limits!

Together, we create the opportunities to explore what is pleasurable and exciting while leaving you feeling confident in yourself, your relationship and your body. 

  1. Clients get fast results

Sexual concerns can feel emotional and heavy at first, often our clients begin to notice progress and feeling relief rather quickly—sometimes after their very first appointment. And quick wins are fabulous because they are energizing and create momentum for further improvements. Fast or slow, we always move at a pace that feels good to our client’s.

  1. It goes way deeper than sex

Many people keep their sex lives hidden and locked away, so the entire experience of sharing with a licensed professional can be wildly restorative. Once we work through issues and tricky spots, there’s a certain level of healing that happens when clients have the opportunity to be vulnerable and discuss the most intimate parts of their lives with someone they can trust. 

  1. Other areas of your life will get a boost

Clients are often surprised that when they start focusing on their intimate lives, the benefits spill over into other areas of their lives. What begins as a conversation about sex turns into a dialogue about your health and well-being, or even about work or family. It’s incredible to watch the significant positive shifts in clients’ lives bubble over into other areas. When we’re feeling great about such an ordinary, human experience, we can start to see differences in those other areas of our lives too.

  1. You’re going to experience joy and delight

Perhaps because many clients go into sex therapy feeling nervous and a little afraid of what to expect, they usually walk away at the end of each appointment feeling lighter. Most clients end up loving our time together so much that they’re excited to get the next session on the calendar. We want clients to be able to approach us more than anything, and we’re here to help!

Sex therapy is much like learning a new skill. As Dr. Peggy Kleinplatz says, “Great lovers are made and not born.” Which is fantastic news because it means you can continuously enhance your sexual skills and learn how to have more intimate and pleasurable sex that will serve you for the rest of your life! We’re not sure there’s anything that could be more fun than that!

We personally approach therapy with a spirit of directness, humor, and warmth to help clients improve communication, resolve conflicts, and increase intimacy. Want to know more? Let’s work together to create the changes you crave. Discover how we can get started HERE.


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Sexology International, like all of our work, is for people of all sexual preferences and all forms of gender expression, including people whose identity is something other than male or female. As such, we like to use gender-neutral pronouns. More recently accepted alternatives include words like “ze” and “hir” or the universal pronoun “they.” Throughout our work, we will be doing our best to use alternative pronouns, such as “they,” whenever gender or plurality is unimportant. In doing so we hope it helps everyone to feel included in the discussion and that it inspires you to think outside of traditional sex and gender binaries.


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