Radical Weekend

They appreciate the power of pressing pause on the daily hustle and grind and taking a step back to reflect on how far they’ve come, where they’re headed next, how they want to get there, and how they want to feel every step of the way.

The Radical Weekend is an in-person custom-designed retreat experience that’s been intentionally designed to take your relationship with yourself, and your partner(s) to newer, deeper levels.

And you’ll love The Radical Weekend if you:

  • Are feeling sexually dissatisfied, bored, ashamed or misunderstood.
  • Wish you could rediscover that spark you and your partner(s) used to have.
  • Know something’s wrong with your relationship, you just don’t know how to fix it, or you  wonder, “Is this really all there is?”
  • Want to feel turned on, satisfied (in and out of bed), and alive.

Join us for a Radical Weekend of exploration for 1 or 2 inspiration-filled, action-focused days. (With plenty of alone time to practice your Sexi homework if you choose)

Here’s a taste of what to expect over the course of two days…  

Radical Pre-Work: Before your arrival, you’ll complete a detailed questionnaire all about where you are right now in your relationship. Jo and Kelly will review and then you’ll schedule your virtual meet and greet to help you get to know your therapists, discuss your relationship goals, and what you’re looking to get after our weekend together.

Rendezvous: You’ll arrive on Friday. Once you’re settled, you’ll meet us in a comfortable and confidential setting where we’ll get down to business and get this working vacation started (one 2-hour session).

Sexi In the City: You’re free Friday evening to play in the city and enjoy your trendy hotel. While you’re at play, Jo and Kelly will stay up past their bedtimes talking about your wants and needs and devising a plan for your weekend.

Deep Discussions: Saturday will be filled with meaningful discussions and activities. We’ll meet twice on Saturday for two 2.5-hour immersive sessions leaving you in the evening to enjoy yourselves and each other. 

Rejuventate: Sunday we’ll meet early in the day for a 2-hour session and wrap up the work from the previous two days leaving you feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and excited to head home to continue to explore.

An Action Plan for Desire: You’ll leave the weekend focused and invigorated, with a plan of action to take home and plenty of delicious homework.

A Radical Debrief: A few weeks after your radical weekend, we’ll connect over phone or video to discuss how your homework is going and to chat about any issues or challenges that may have popped up.

Get the meaningful, inspired sex and intimate relationship you desire—and deserve.

We only accept a limited number of applicants per year.

This radical opportunity is currently fully booked, so please apply now to join the waitlist and we’ll make sure to notify you when you have been accepted!


Ready to apply for your Radical Weekend? Fabulous! Here’s how to apply:

Step 1: Select your package and complete the no-obligation online application form. You’ll tell us about your current situation and your relationship goals.

Step 2: You’ll hear back from us within 3 days with your next steps and options for choosing the city for your Radical Weekend experience.

Step 3: You’ll submit your deposit when booking, book your pre-retreat phone session and get all the juicy details for your stay.


Can we do a one day intensive?
YES! If 2-days is a significant time commitment for you, and you’re willing to put in the work with less play, the one-day intensive is a perfect option for you. This will involve two 2.5-hour sessions and you’ll still enjoy the pre-session correspondence and post-session follow-up.

Apply using the button below.

When You’re Ready

Select your radical weekend package

  • 1-Day
  • $
    • Two 2.5- hour sessions
    • Pre-session correspondence and post-session follow up
  • Choose Plan
  • 2-Day
  • $
    • 4 private sessions:
    • 2- hour session Friday evening
    • Two 2.5-hour sessions on Saturday
    • 2-hour session Sunday morning
    • Pre-session correspondence and post-session follow-up
  • Choose Plan

*Payment Plans are available, please contact us for more information

** We accept a limited number of applicants each year. Please contact us today and we will send you an application. The application is an opportunity for us to learn about your current situations, your objectives for the relationship you aspire to create, and the partner you wish to become. Please apply here to join the waitlist and we’ll make sure to notify you when you have been accepted!

***Please note that as a sexologist Kelly and Jo do not provide examination, diagnosis, care, service or treatment of medical or health conditions. (link to a page on your site that details all legal information)

****There is no physical sexual contact between coach and client. Our coaching is strictly professional


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