May Cause Desire


This course is 100% online, so you can access it anywhere, anytime!

What to expect from May Cause Desire:

  • Jo and Kelly are down to earth relatable professionals, who will guide you to look closely at how your sexuality was created, allowing you to uncover, and transform your limiting beliefs.
  • Weren’t paying attention in sex ed? No problem—You’ll (re)learn the fundamentals: the biological male and female anatomy, gender fluidity, the sexual response cycle, and more.
  • Learn tried and true strategies for resolving conflict, building trust and intimacy, while staying connected to your sense of self.
  • A real adventure! Where you’ll go on the exploration of your life, and finally embrace your sexual repertoire and develop your own personal brand of sexuality.
  • You’ll figure out what’s really behind your sexual motivations, tap into your erotic imagination, and bring deeper meaning to you sexuality.
  • The permission to break your tired routine and innovate your relationships, while getting comfortable with intimate communication and continued self-discovery.
  • Daily pleasure play dates! In your life and in your relationships.
  • To become the most sexually authentic and confident person you know!
  • DESIRE. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Join now to gain fresh inspiration for a vibrant sex life. Amplify your sexual intelligence and confidence. Create the powerful and intimate relationship you desire and sex life you crave.



Are you ready for Sex and Relationship Education that you can apply immediately to your own lives?

Check out our pilot, 5-part series today! Join us, in our discussions on how you can find deep attraction, intimacy and desire. This course is available online for you to purchase and view anytime! It includes strategies and self-reflection exercises that you can apply immediately in your own life.

Through open and honest dialogue, we will dive together into our world, where we will explore thought provoking ideas that will guide you into a new way of thinking. Our process will allow you to tap into your own inner wisdom and inspire passion and connection in your life.

Once purchased, you can login to our site and start viewing May Cause Desire anytime. Revisit and review as much as you like. We have divided our core topics into five modules, so you can build your knowledge and understanding as we go, and you will have the luxury of going as fast, or as slow as you would like. We believe the perfect pace is whatever your own pace may be – just as your sexuality should be too.

We will also be suggesting optional top secret sexi homework assignments that will involve journaling, mindfulness, and self-reflection. It will take approximately one hour to view each module and complete the top secret sexi homework assignment. As with everything, implementing what you learn is also a big part of the e-course journey.

We are radically inclusive. Whether you are single or attached, straight, gay, trans, in a monogamous, open or polyamorous relationship, we invite you to join in and benefit from our workshop.

Product Syllabus


Hold a magnifying glass to your past experiences and dig up the limiting beliefs bubbling just under your skin. 

Engage in a guided process of self-discovery. With a hefty dose of raw and real honesty, we’ll dig deep into how your past, paired with cultural and societal influences have held you back from the romantic and sexual bliss you deserve.

Your personal safety net is built on a foundation of trust and anchored by values. Your safety net needs to be in place first before you can be vulnerable enough to let go and begin the deep work on your exploration and tap into your sexual creativity. We’ll show you how to build a rock-solid foundation first.

Then we’ll help you dismantle and transform your limiting beliefs one-by-one using the power of self-compassion and emotional regulation.



Get back to basics.

You’ll learn the importance of a grounded self-care routine and how to experience pleasure in the small and ordinary moments—every day. Taking you back to sex education 101, we’ll review the biological male and female anatomy, then take your sex ed knowledge to the next level as we dive into the intricacies of the sexual response cycle–which is foreign to most people—but not you!



Doing the real work in achieving fierce intimacy and the best sex of your life starts with you.

We’ll chat about how conflict can be productive by creating a deeper understanding, closeness, respect, and help you establish better boundaries. Using conscious intention and effort, we can use our relationships to heal and transform our lives. This new paradigm for relationships involves three steps: 1) taking responsibility for our actions and reactions; 2) experiencing our feelings deeply; and 3) expressing ourselves clearly and honestly to our partner(s) while having equal empathy for their feelings. 

Plus, we’ll guide you through a process of reconnecting to your differentiated self—the solid yet permeable part of you that’s confidently autonomous and connected all at the same time. This means you’ll look at others with a desire for connection instead of neediness.

You’ll also learn the key ingredients in the recipe of connection: intimacy, attraction, FUN, and passion. You’ll build a beautiful lifestyle, injecting just the right amount of novelty and newness for you – letting you continuously get to know one another. 



Writing your new sexi story.

Gain a thorough understanding of the inner workings of the cycle for sexual motivation and desire. We’ll teach you how to tap into your erotic imagination, understand your sexual repertoire, and experience heightened pleasure you didn’t think was within reach.



Good vibrations that won’t rattle your foundation. 

We’ll review the difference between intimate communication and sex talk – and the value of both. You’ll learn the importance of balance and boundaries and how playing with your edges in a comfortable and delightful way can supercharge your sex life. Finally, you’ll learn how to apply conscious intention to help you grow into the person you want to be, using relationships to heal and transform your (sex) life.


Each module is designed to help you think critically about your sexuality, and encourage ideas to build your own interventions that are right for you and your partner(s).


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