Chocolate sundaes, puppies, heck, even tortilla chips get their own day on the calendar. Of all those things that bring delight and pleasure, we’re thrilled that May is world masturbation month.

If you’ve been hanging around here a while, you probably know that we’re raving fans of self-pleasure. And we’re not the only ones. We think we should all be doing it more. According to Indiana University’s National Survey Of Sexual Health And Behavior, more than half of American adults say they masturbate up to four times a week.

Through our work with client’s, we’ve met many people who don’t get as excited about self-pleasure as we do. Some may have lingering stories of shame or guilt, stemming from religion or different upbringings that have labelled masturbation as “dirty” or “bad.” Some people may have trouble reaching orgasm through self-pleasure and some just don’t feel the need to please themselves at all. All these feelings are completely normal and, if you’re nodding along, know that you’re not alone.

Masturbation is completely natural. In fact, ultrasound images show many fetuses in utero putting their teeny hands between their little legs and masturbating. Most other animals masturbate too—horses, dogs, even kangaroos.

We’re all for a healthy romp between our legs, especially when pleasure brings more pleasure and additional benefits. Here are some benefits to self-sex that you might not have realized:

Much-needed alone time

If you work in an office or are around lots of people every day, you might find yourself craving solitude. You could even schedule your alone time to do as you please, of course fitting a little self-pleasure into your calendar isn’t a bad idea either. When you’ve made yourself your number one priority, lock the door (or leave it unlocked if you’d welcome spectators), silence your phone, take off your clothes if you like, and settle into a cozy spot. Spend the time focusing solely on your pleasure.

It’s good for your health and well-being

Did you know that self-pleasure is a form of cardio that can offer benefits to the health of your heart, blood pressure, and brain? In women it can help keep yeast infections away and can help prevent prostate cancer in men. And when it comes to your brain, masturbation releases mood-boosting feel-good endorphins. Masturbation can also help alleviate depression and stress from your busy day.

Will help you orgasm

By orgasming through masturbation, you could be able to more easily orgasm with partners. How’s that for setting yourself up for suc-sex!

Go deeper into your fantasy world

Your fantasies are just that—yours. And your daydreams can be an excellent way to get ready for passion and intimacy. There’s no one there to judge you or your fantasies, so dream on!

Rock solid body confidence 

By getting to know what turns you on, you can teach your partner(s) how to help bring you to orgasm each time (if orgasm is the goal!) Use the experience to tune into how your body reacts to different touches, and share your new knowledge with your partner(s). By pleasing yourself you could end up feeling more positive about your body which can pave the way to more confidence and the willingness to spend more time on your personal care. By understanding more about how your body works you can learn to make better decisions and create stronger intimate boundaries. The ability to bring yourself physical pleasure is deeply empowering because you don’t need anyone else’s validation that you’re a turn-on!

Love yourself 

When we talk about intimate relationships, we often think about partnerships. The greatest (and longest) relationship you’ll ever have is the one you have with yourself–you’re stuck with you for life! Let’s make that relationship the best! Treat yourself every day, even if you just start with a few pleasurable moments and work your way up for more self-love time. Self-pleasure doesn’t make you selfish. In fact, when you feel more nourished, you’ll be able to give more of yourself to others.

Playing with masturbation is a great way to let go of the pressure that can come from sex. It’s like practicing for a big game! You can also use your exploration to help you let go of orgasm expectations and enjoy the alone time and doing something that feels good for you while you look after yourself.

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Sexology International, like all of our work, is for people of all sexual preferences and all forms of gender expression, including people whose identity is something other than male or female. As such, we like to use gender-neutral pronouns. More recently accepted alternatives include words like “ze” and “hir” or the universal pronoun “they.” Throughout our work, we will be doing our best to use alternative pronouns, such as “they,” whenever gender or plurality is unimportant. In doing so we hope it helps everyone to feel included in the discussion and that it inspires you to think outside of traditional sex and gender binaries.


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