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Joanne Z. Flannery

Joanne Z. FlannerySexologist & Relationship Therapist


Jo Z. Flannery MA. MFT, is a Clinical Sexologist and Relationship Therapist with a Masters degree in Sexology and a second Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Jo helps individuals, couples and groups realize their full sexual and relational potential.

By focusing on mindfulness, self-esteem and personal responsibility, Jo educates and assists clients with sexual difficulties and relationship conflicts.  She brings acceptance and encouragement and provides a space to discuss a broad spectrum of sexual concerns from sexual dysfunction, desire discrepancies, erotic preferences, and issues with intimacy and trust.

Problems or concerns with sex challenge most individuals and relationships at some point in life.  Since 2008, she has been studying sexology with a focus on desire discrepancy and intimacy. She can help you better understand the roadblocks to fulfilling your desires and to creating a rewarding and pleasurable sex life & relationship.

She believes you deserve to express yourself sexually and find pleasure in sex.  Check out her educational sex and relationship e-courses, find her practicing at a sex-positive therapy practice, Lifeworks Psychotherapy, or connect with her on social media. She is happy to speak with you about your experiences, what has and has not worked for you and where to go from where ever you are.  

Ms. Flannery has a graduate degree in Sexology from Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Western Australia and a second masters degree in Couple and Family Therapy from The Adler School of Professional Psychology (Adler University). She is trained and certified in Prepare-Enrich couples assessment and guidance and a Certified Sexologist through the American College of Sexologists (ACS).

My Latest Posts

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    LGBTQIA+ Term Definitions

    The inclusive acronym for sexual identity is continuously evolving. Here is a comprehensive* list of LGBTQIA+ Term Definitions: *This list is neither comprehensive nor inviolable, but it is a work in progress toward those goals. With identity terms, trust the person who is using the term and their definition of it above any dictionary. These

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    Gender Inclusivity

    Written by a Partner;  With transgender people and issues coming into light, it is natural to wonder how to best be gender inclusive. Transgender is an umbrella term for people whose gender identity or expression does not correlate with their assigned sex. Transgender people include trans men, trans women, and can include genderfluid people whose

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    For some, the subculture of BDSM is a mystery wrapped in an enigma that has people intrigued, confused or even repulsed. Mainstream media can be thanked for some of the feelings about the world of BDSM due to the misrepresentations of the culture that is prevalent in books and movies such as 50 Shades of

  • Taking a Closer Look at Basson’s Model of the Sexual Response Cycle Desire

    Taking a Closer Look at Basson’s Model of the Sexual Response Cycle

    This article takes a closer look at a sexual response model that more accurately depicts the responsive components of desire and the underlying motivational forces that trigger it, particularly in women in long-term relationships. Dr. Rosemary Basson proposes a model of a sexual response that is circular and more complex than the traditional linear model


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