As experienced professionals we are committed to guiding you through whatever is blocking you from experiencing your ideal relationship(s) and living your best, pleasure filled life. Each consultation gives you the tools, wisdom and confidence you need to create fulfilling relationships and live a life full of passionate sex and powerful intimacy. This process will allow you to step into new and empowering experiences within your life, sex and relationships and we are honored to help.

Are you ready to work together to create the changes you desire? Here are the different ways we can give you personalized feedback and advice for creating the sex life you want.

When You’re Ready

Select your consultation package

  • $150
    • Do you prefer communicating via email? Are you better at expressing yourself in writing? No problem! Send us your questions, and we’ll respond with specific input, suggestions, and exercises. Email consultation is the fastest, most budget-friendly way of working with us.
    • One email from you, one response from us.
  • Choose Plan
  • $297
    • We love working with people via the phone or video chat. Our 1:1 consultation session is designed to jump-start your sex life and give you a ton of value in a short amount of time.  We want to make sex therapy as easy and as unintimidating as possible, so we offer consultation services over video chat or the phone. You’ll be able to enjoy the comfort and privacy of your own home.
    • One 50 minute session + one follow up e-mail from us.
  • Choose Plan

*Please note that as sexologists, relationship experts, psychotherapists and educators Kelly and Jo do not provide examination, care, service, diagnosis, assessment, or treatment of psychological disorders, medical or health conditions. If you need help, please contact a psychologist or family doctor in your area.

**There is no physical or sexual contact between consultant and client, nor will we observe and critique any sexual contact between client and partner(s). Consultations are strictly professional.


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