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What is Sex Positivity?

“An attitude towards human sexuality that regards all consensual sexual activities as fundamentally healthy and pleasurable, and encourages sexual pleasure and experimentation.”


Welcome to our online home! We’re glad you’re here.

Whether you are single, in a relationship, curious, or looking to enhance your relational, emotional or sexual intelligence, we are here to help guide you. 

Everyone needs a place to feel safe and comfortable to explore and ask their most personal questions. That is what you will find with us at Sexology International. Your security and serenity are of upmost importance. In working with us you can expect our unwavering devotion to bring you the very best of what we, and our expert contributors know, and continue to discover.

Thank you for being here with us on this awesome adventure as we educate, inspire and drive conversations that matter.



Meet the Founders

Kelly McDonnell-Arnold
Pronouns: she, her, hers.

Kelly McDonnell-ArnoldCertified Clinical Sexologist, MA MBA RP RSW

Kelly’s clinical interests and expertise include desire discrepancy, sexual dysfunctions, fetishes, S/M, B/D, D/S, non-monogamy, sexuality and illness, sexual difficulties and disorders, paraphilia’s and increasing intimacy and sexual satisfaction utilizing sensate focus. However, she speaks to a breadth of sexual topics, including various sexual variance, psychosexual development, intimacy, desire, romance, sexuality across the lifespan, sex and pregnancy, effective communication, and sexuality and cancer. Kelly is the Host of Sex Talk with Kelly on Rogers TV and is a sought after specialist and personality in the field of human sexuality. She has appeared on talk shows, as a keynote speaker at international conferences, including the World Association for Sexual Health and as an expert in a number of publications, such as

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Joanne Z. Flannery
Pronouns: she, her, hers.

Joanne Z. FlanneryCertified Clinical Sexologist MA MFT

For her master’s degree thesis Jo conducted a research project on sexual desire discrepancy and its effects on intimacy within the relationship. After completion of her postgraduate and master’s degree in sexology, Jo sought an opportunity to learn how to best treat couples facing not only sexual but individual and relational issues as well. At the Adler School Jo learned and applied couple and family therapy theory, including Structural Couple Therapy, and had the honor of being educated by the premiere Structural therapist in Chicago. Throughout her time at the Adler School Jo gained knowledge on relational issues, including communication, infidelity, parenting, combative relationships, and mental illness within relationships. Jo is a certified clinical sexologist through the American College of

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Kelly and Jo: Up Close and Personal


We met in February 2008 at Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Western Australia. As we arrived to begin our sexology studies we did not know what to expect. Little did we know we would become educated in more ways than one.

Although we arrived in this foreign land thirsty for knowledge and hungry for adventure, neither of us could have dreamt the impact our meeting would have. It was international student orientation day and we were pulled to each other like magnets. From that day forward we were inseparable. We had similar backgrounds, both having lived on a beach after graduation from university and then traveling to the other side of the globe to satiate our desire to learn about and help people attain heightened intimacy and superior sex. And boy did we have a good time in the process.

We came for a formal education and we got life lessons on family, friendship, longing, loss and love. We quickly became best friends and slowly became each other’s family. We cooked for each other, worked out together, studied side by side, supported each other through the toughest of times, oh, and we partied. Oh did we party. We went across the world to meet when we grew up an hour plane ride from one another. When we returned to our respective homes we continued our friendship traveling back and forth to visit each other, and our adventures continued in Africa and at Burning Man, feeding each other wedding cake and creating families. We each continued to pursue our passions in sex and relationship therapy receiving additional master’s degrees and certificates. We feel honored to have you join us in this culmination of our passion, dreams and dedication with our launch of Sexology International.

Sexology International started as an idea and a giggle in a hot tub, grew in a cottage on a swing, and continues to be refined through our dedication to each other and our life’s purpose to help people find their pleasure and cultivate acceptance, deep love and intimacy. Although this has become a business, we hope in our heart of hearts that everyone who visits our website feels they have found a place they belong. It is important to us that the information we provide is explicitly inclusive and demonstrates acceptance and encouragement wherever one happens to be on their sexual path. It is with much anticipation, hard work and elation that we launch Sexology International and begin a new chapter in our lives, this time bound together by contract. 


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