8 Little-Known Facts About the Male Orgasm

8 Little-Known Facts About the Male Orgasm

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Maybe you think you’ve got the male orgasm all figured out. A little oral or manual stimulation combined with some intercourse and BANG, done! That’s it, right?

Not so fast. The male orgasm is actually more complex than most of us realize. We’re going to simplify it for you here though to help you get a grip on how it works. It may spark some magic for your sex life and relationship too.

There are 4 stages of the male orgasm.

Stage 1: Arousal. 

When turned on, his body starts laying the groundwork for climax. The shaft of the penis fills with a high volume of blood, which gives him an erection. The muscles in his body contract and he’s ready to rock and roll. 

Stage 2; Plateau. 

A few minutes into stimulation — his body will begin to prepare. His heart rate will increase dramatically — 150 bpm or higher, his muscles stiffen and contract, and pre-ejaculatory fluid or pre-cum cleans out the urethra and gets ready for sperm to follow.

Stage 3: Orgasm. 

Semen moves into position at the top of the urethra and the man is on his way to O-town. Then, during ejaculation, the penile muscles and the muscles near his anus contract and push the semen out in short bursts — similar to a female orgasm.

Stage 4: Refraction. 

Shortly after orgasm, all the muscles relax, the blood drains from the penis, and the erection fades. Oxytocin and prolactin, two of the chemicals released into his brain during orgasm leave him feel relaxed and sleepy.

In addition to the 4 phases, many are surprised to learn that there are 8 different types of male orgasms.

Here they are:

  1. Conventional Ejaculation Orgasm
    This is the one we described above and is the one most of us know and love. Regular ejaculation orgasm results in ejaculation of semen. Usually, the easiest to reach, many men will experience this type of climax every time they masturbate or have sex.
  2. Anal Orgasm
    An intense and sometimes described as mind-blowing, the anal orgasm (also known as the male G-spot orgasm), happens with prostate gland stimulation — either alone or with a helping hand. Through anal penetration, the prostate fills up with fluid and will later be ejaculated.
  3. Prostate Orgasm
    Followed by prostate massage, the prostate and seminal vessels contract. Also called “milking the prostate” it’s one of the most reliable ways to achieve a prostate orgasm. As a bonus, the massage method can lead to deeper, more intense sexual experiences.
  4. Controlled Ejaculation Orgasm
    This can be achieved when a man learns to regulate their ejaculation. Tantric techniques are a great way to begin to learn how to control the climax and extend ejaculation. With practice and focus, men may be able to last for several minutes, or even an hour or more.
  5. Ejaculation-Free Orgasm
    Sometimes called the “dry male orgasm,” an ejaculation-free orgasm can be achieved by practicing ejaculation control as we mentioned above. Similar to controlled ejaculation, men can learn to anticipate and then either stop or postpone coming. 
  6. Nipple Orgasm
    To have a nipple orgasm, start by lightly fondling the nipples. Stroking, licking, sucking, or gentle touching can usually stoke a male fire and make them hard. Then, you can slowly turn up the volume on the pressure. It might take a few tries, but with practice, it can be achieved with little effort.
  7. Full-Body Orgasm
    The full-body orgasm arouses both pathways that connect to a male’s pelvic region. It can be reached by stimulating the penis and prostate at the same time. A full-body climax happens when all senses are aroused and everything lights up all at once. This is also when you can stimulate the nipples and other body parts to amp up the pleasure.
  8. Touchless Orgasm
    Guys can have a hands-free orgasm through different methods such as meditation, watching pornography, reading erotic content, or flexing their pelvic control muscles. 

There may even be more than 8 types of male orgasm that we haven’t even uncovered or created yet. The orgasmic possibilities are unlimited.

If we spend a little effort trying to understand how our partner(s) experiences pleasure, we’ll learn more and probably uncover a few surprises along the way — all helping us create even stronger sexual bonds and relationships with one another.


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